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Clubs and gym owners should emphasise having a well-designed locker room to provide a better experience to their members. Gym or club locker rooms should have a functional and aesthetically pleasing design, contributing to the patron’s overall well-being and satisfaction.

There are several options available for gym or club lockers: metal lockers, wood lockers, and plastic lockers. Plastic lockers are a more suitable option for humid locker rooms, especially locker rooms that are right by the showers. Let’s learn how clubs and gyms can benefit from plastic lockers in three simple ways:

  • Odour Free Storage of Clothes and Sporting Gear:

The first thing gym members usually do when they enter the premises is to go to the locker room to store their belongings and change into their gym clothes. The design of your locker room should be spacious enough so that the members can comfortably change and have enough sitting spaces and lockers for storing all their belongings.

A few years back, gym and club locker rooms were often considered uncomfortable and smelly areas of the facility, primarily designed for quick changing. Today, gym and health club owners focus more on providing their members with a convenient and pleasant locker room experience by using superior quality plastic lockers.

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High-density polyethene lockers are resistant to heavy impact, rust, corrosive elements, water, and humid conditions. They are easy to clean and popular for their minimal maintenance requirements. In addition, plastic lockers provide odour-free storage of clothes and sporting gear.

Since the COVID 19 pandemic, keeping the premises sanitised and clean has become an essential task for owners. Plastic lockers are resistant to chemicals and remain unaffected by the chemicals used in cleaning products. The colour does not fade easily, and they maintain their aesthetic appeal for years. This makes plastic lockers an ideal choice for places that need frequent cleaning, especially for gyms, clubs, and fitness centres.

  • Easier Cleaning and Lower Maintenance Costs:

HDPE plastic lockers are the perfect storage solutions for modern gyms and clubs. The impact-resistant plastic lockers are ideal for rough gym use as knocks and scratches won’t result in any surface damage.

Low-maintenance plastic lockers are easy to clean and maintain. As these lockers are resistant to water and chemicals, there is no need to take extra precautions while cleaning them. They can be cleaned with any substance to maintain the required hygiene in the locker room.

Industrial-grade plastic lockers are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. They don’t need regular fresh coats of paint, and they are resistant to scratches, dents, and graffiti. Over time, these locker’s maintenance costs are much lower than wood or metal lockers. The lockers contribute to reducing administrative and maintenance costs of gyms and clubs.

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  • Moisture-Resistance and UV-Stability:

HDPE plastic lockers are moisture-resistant and also UV stabilised, making them the best storage options for outdoor gyms and athletic facilities. High-density polyethylene lockers can withstand harsh weather conditions and direct exposure to the sunlight without losing their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The UV-resistant plastic lockers are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. You can choose the best available option according to your facility’s storage needs, or you can choose complete customisation. From storing clothes, shoes, and gym equipment to keeping mobile phones, jewellery, and other valuables safe, multipurpose plastic lockers can meet all of your member’s storage needs.

Creating Infrastructure that Complies with Your Locker Room:

Comfort is not always the priority of gym and club owners while designing a locker room. However, providing a comfortable locker room experience leads to customer satisfaction and enhanced brand value. Adding an adequate sitting area, large benches, and required privacy make the space more convenient to change in. Gym owners can ensure that some of their lockers have easy access for people with disabilities and have other amenities designed accordingly.

Lighting also contributes to a comfortable experience for the members. There are endless options available to place lighting in a way that makes the space more welcoming. If possible, creating a locker room with better access to natural light is ideal.


Clubs and gyms should invest in high-density plastic lockers to provide their members with a better experience. Plastic lockers offer odour-free storage of clothes and sporting gear, they are easy to clean and require minimum maintenance. As these lockers are UV-stabilised and moisture-resistant, they are also the best option for outdoor setup. Plastic lockers help gym and club owners to create sustainable, pleasant and hygienic locker rooms on their premises.

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