Drill and blast hole savers

Premium Quality Hole Savers For Drilling and Blasting Operations

Blasting and drilling operations form the backbone of the mining industry. Once drilled, the holes must be clear from debris as redrilling requires significant extra work. Hole Savers help maintain the holes’ integrity while preventing the ingress of foreign materials.

Keep your hole clear with blow moulded FSP hole savers that are highly durable and can be used at any mining site. Available in many colours, they help highlight the drilled holes while keeping the debris out. 

Why Do You Need To Use Hole Savers?

Don’t let your drilling operations go to waste. During mining operations, the holes can be deemed ineffective for many reasons. 

Here is a list of potential disruptions that may lead to redrilling operations:

  • Man Movement
  • Vehicle Movement
  • Drill Rig Impact
  • Collar Erosion on Wet Holing
  • Blast Operations in Vicinity

Benefits of Using Hole Saver

Hole savers have become a vital element in the mining industry. What are the benefits of using hole savers?

  • Minimises the requirement of redrilling operations
  • Minimises collar fallback incidents
  • Helps retain the drilled depth
  • Improves the total blast quality
  • Ensures holes remain open even after nearby blast patterns
  • Protects explosives hoses during loading
  • Reduces the likelihood of lead damage
  • Improves the explosives column quality
  • Acts as a visual warning for drilled holes
  • Reusable device

Hole savers are the life savers of the mining industry. They may not look like much, but they can significantly reduce the regrinding costs you incur. 

Protect the integrity of your holes and prevent loose dirt, foreign matter or small animals from falling in. FSP Oz Products manufactures heavy-duty polyethylene products for the mining industry. We are one of the most reputed brands in designing and manufacturing superior quality hole savers. Ensure safe operations during drilling or blasting missions with our wide range of hole protectors available in different sizes, shapes, and colours.

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