Cable Protection For Harsh Conditions

FSP Oz Products’s large range of cable protector products offers complete protection against exposed cables. And this is the best range from the leading provider in Australia.

Using modern technology, FSP Oz Products manufactures the best heavy-duty and impact resistant polyethylene cable protectors. So much better than you will find in the harsh Australian conditions. All FSP Oz Products’s products are designed specifically for difficult conditions on mining sites. Originally FSP was asked to design a perfect solution to protect expensive electrical cables for dragline mining machinery. And this range of quality cable protectors is the answer. The moulded polyethylene cable protectors reduce the terminal damage to the high-voltage cables. Also, the corrosion and rust-resistant cable protection protects the cable against other external impacts like rock damage.

Every worksite relies on the steady flow of electricity to power all the important equipment and machinery that makes work possible. So, all of this power requires protection. And there is no better way to organise and de-clutter the workplace than with FSP’s cable protectors.

Keep your work sites free of tripping hazards and protect those important power cables in high traffic areas with cable protection. Also suitable for data cabling.

Prevent trips and keep your cables working longer

Trailing cables are a trip hazard and an eyesore. So cable covers are an easy way to protect and impress your employees and customers. As well as causing damage to the people in your business, cables lying across the floor get damaged quicker. So, for more organised, safer and longer-lasting cables, protect your trails with high-quality cable protection.

FSP offers Australia wide delivery.

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