Drain Oil Effortlessly With FSP Oz Products’s Oil Trolleys

Draining engine oil, fluids, and coolant is critical for the operation of heavy-duty vehicles at mining sites. Make your maintenance operations easier with FSP Storage’s oil trolleys. Why make mining maintenance operations more challenging than it needs to be?Browse through FSP Oz Products’s exclusive range of oil-draining trolleys. Our range of oil trolleys is specifically designed and manufactured for the Australian mining industry. Made from heavy-duty HDPE, these oil trolleys are ergonomically optimised to make collecting engine oils, fluids, and coolants easy.

Make Maintenance Operations Easy With Our Oil Trolleys

Mining sites can be highly dangerous. This makes the job for mining maintenance managers that much more critical and challenging. Heavy-duty trucks and other industrial equipment are in constant use, so it’s critical to take proper care of them.

In addition, the waste oil that’s extracted from all these machines can be harmful to the environment and to workers. It is therefore essential to invest in good-quality equipment to safely transport and store the oil. Here are a few ways that an oil trolley can make your mining sites a safer workplace:

  • Minimises messy oil spillages
  • Self-contained waste oil collection unit helps reduce the disruption to work
  • Reduces chances of injury and damage to your workers and your equipment
  • Reduces the maintenance costs of mining vehicles and equipments
  • Reduces amount of time and labour spent on maintenance
  • Helps increase time spent on billable tasks
  • Lowers the chances of any kind of contact between fluids and employees
  • Reduces the number of workers required to handle the large volumes of maintenance fluids

Why Buy FSP Oz Products’s Oil Trolleys?

The safety and well-being of their workers is paramount to employers. At FSP Oz Products, we understand the risks and hazards of working at mining sites. We offer carefully engineered heavy-duty plastic products, including oil trolleys, to help keep your sites safe.

Our oil drain trolleys include the following features:

  • Solid Tyres
  • Removable Serrated Grating
  • Convenient Ergonomic Grip
  • Drainage socket/ Fitting/ Bung for Easy Removal of Fluids
  • Internal Baffles Reduce the Possibility of Waste Oil Spillage
  • One-piece LDPE Construction
  • Foot Jack for Braking
  • UV Stabilised Chemical Resistant Material
  • Single Piece Blow Moulded Body Eliminates Joint Leakage
  • Unique Body Design Reduces Inertial Wave Spillage

Our range of oil trolleys are available in three capacities. You can purchase the oil trolley size that is best suited to the volume of waste fluids generated on your mining site.

FSP Oz Products has been in the manufacturing industry for decades. Our teams are leaders in researching, experimenting and innovating with heavy-duty plastic products. We understand that the quality of our products could be the difference between life and death in hazardous workplaces. Our UV-stabilised, heavy-duty HDPE products can transform your site’s efficiency, productivity and safety.

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