Premium Quality Plastic Mining Products in Australia

The mining industry is confronted with many challenges. Mining operations need to focus on increasing their profitability and ensure a safe environment for the workforce. Mining is a hazardous activity posing more occupational risks than other industries. Hence, the reliability of the mining equipment and safetydevices is of paramount concern.

FSP Oz Products’s rich 28-year history of manufacturing and designing a wide variety of mining equipment makes it the one-stop solution for mining firms in Australia.

FSP Oz Products’s Rich, Innovative, and Reliable History

FSP’s first product in 1994 was an upgrade to the existing engine covers for Caterpillar Mining trucks across Australia. From then on, it’s been a journey of innovation to ensure the safety of mining personnel with reliable and cost-effective products.

Major Australian mining companies rely on our high-quality, UV-stabilised polyethylene mining parts to ensure the highest level of safety for their staff.

Best Risk Management within The Mining Industry

All our raw materials are sourced in one way or another from the mining industry. Extracting these precious metal ores or petroleum comes with unique challenges. Excavation activities, blasting and drilling operations create hazardous environments that require specialised and reliable risk management to prevent accidents.

Knowing their safety equipment is robust and dependable increases workforce confidence and helps create an efficient and productive working environment.

What are critical risks to consider in the mining industry?

  • Being hit by moving objects, machinery or mining equipment
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Working from a highly elevated point
  • Manual handling errors
  • Mechanical/ Machine Failures

To avoid the risks mentioned above and other potential accidents that could take place at your site, it is recommended to stock your inventory with mining safety equipment that is easily visible, lightweight and reliable.

For making the most of your mining site in Australia, get in touch with the experts from FSP Oz Products to purchase products like Customised Engine Components Guards Covers & Parts, Cable Plug Protector, Hungry Boards, and Wheel Motor Covers.

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