Keep Your Documents Safe With FSP’s Heavy-Duty Poly Document Storage Box

If you want durable, heavy-duty poly document storage boxes, take a look at FSP’s safe storage boxes manufactured using polyethylene. Buy rust-proof, dust-sealed polyethylene boxes, which are ideal for holding all your data sheets and site instruction manuals.

Why Should You Consider Poly Document Storage Boxes?

Heavy Duty Plastic Document Storage Boxes are ideal for storing critical documents like safety data sheets, equipment manuals, site work instructions, and evacuation instructions at work sites in Australia. These boxes should be clearly labelled and strategically placed around the site for easy access.

Suppose the chemical being used is classified as hazardous. In that case, the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 (WA) requires a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to be supplied to the users. It should be readily accessible to the chemical user and be as close to the work area as possible.

These boxes clearly labelled can help in preventing accidents and minimising harm. They can also help in the event of emergencies on how the workers or visitors should proceed with evacuation.

Industries Using Our Safe Storage Boxes

For example. the Mining and Chemical industries are filled with hazardous substances and heavy machinery. Having all critical and sensitive documents accessible close to the work area and stored safely away from weather elements becomes crucial to the safety of your workforce.

Why Choose FSP Oz Products’s Safe Document Storage Boxes?

Durable, easily accessible poly storage boxes containing critical documents help your employees and visitors operate safely and efficiently. Clearly labelled boxes placed strategically around the sites help assist your workforce.

With over two decades of experience in manufacturing and designing various plastic products, FSP Oz Products’ document storage solutions are widely used in the industries mentioned earlier. Our products are made to survive through the harshest of weather conditions to keep your documents safe, and our storage boxes come equipped with rear mounting holes for easy fixtures.

Prioritise safety by investing in a worthy product that ensures all your important documents are safe.

Two sizes are available

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