PVC Fencing is Flexible And Durable.

Have you realised that if you use traditional wooden fences they are prone to warp, crack and rot over a relatively short time?

They will also usually require constant maintenance, whereas our poly fencing will look great for a long time without much attention.  And, if you have wooden fences, there’s the hassle of replacing boards or staining.

So why would you look at PVC plastic fencing?

PVC Fencing is Very Low Maintenance and Looks Great

Plastic fencing is an economical and low-maintenance option for those looking for a practical yet beautiful fence.

The everyday advantages of PVC fencing include the following:

  • Won’t warp, rot, splinter, peel or blister like wood
  • Never needs sanding, staining or painting
  • Flexible and durable
  • Wide range of styles, colours and textures
  • Many plastic fences carry a limited lifetime warranty

These products are maintenance-free and you can choose from our range of beautiful colours, which can enhance the surrounding area. As we’ve mentioned, plastic is waterproof, so it will not rot or deteriorate and is not susceptible to insects or weather damage.

All PVC fence manufacturers are not the same

FSP’s PVC fences are manufactured with carefully selected ingredients designed to increase durability and long-term performance.

FSP and its team of engineers have been working with our customers in many agricultural areas; farmers, viticulturists, and studs, and listening to their needs. We have now created a number of unique agricultural fencing products.

With our vast knowledge of plastics and 24 years in the industry, we believe our expanding range of heavy-duty PVC fencing products will benefit many in the farming and rural industries.

Our purpose is to continue to be a leader in our industry, provide quality service to all our customers and have a commitment to the highest standard.

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