Advanced Heavy Duty Plastic Boats in Australia:

FSP Oz Products offers engineered heavy-duty plastic boats for various marine applications. As a leading manufacturer of plastic boats in Australia, we provide comprehensive and affordable solutions for your boating requirements. The innovative design of our boats makes them fast on water, and they are ideal for resource extraction, transportation of cargo or passengers, fishing, rescue operations, and inspections. Our boats are made from high-density polyethylene, are long lasting and require minimum maintenance care.

Carefully Manufactured Plastic Boats for Convenient Marine Operations:

We use advanced manufacturing technology to create safe and highly reliable boats for a variety of applications. Our boats are designed to make you feel confident on the water.

We offer two types of boats:

  • Poly Water Craft
  • One Person Tender Boat

Our Poly Water Craft has the following features:

  • UV stabilised and corrosion resistance against salt water – No Rust
  • Removable seat storage boxes with hide-away handle – Designed to fit safely and
  • Flat floor with drain channel and corner drainage
  • Anchor storage with drainage
  • Transom fits standard outboard motors
  • Storage box for marine battery
  • Multiple tie-off/carry handles
  • Positive placement
  • Durable and high-impact construction
  • 4100mm (Length) x 1800mm (Beam) x 815mm (Height)

Features of our One Person Tender Boat:

  • Durable, high strength, and impact resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • Resistant to Salt
  • Positive placement
  • Moulded handles
  • Available in various colour options
  • 2500mm (Length) x 1400mm (Beam) x 380 mm (Height)

Our boats are stable and provide a soft, quiet and comfortable ride. They have excellent strength, longevity and require only little maintenance. These features, coupled with affordable cost and excellent warranty make our boats the preferred choice for marine applications.

Contact FSP Oz Products for Boats and Other Heavy-duty Plastic Products for Marine Industry:

FSP Oz Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial-grade plastic products. We manufacture and distribute plastic products across many industries. Some of the many products we manufacture for the Australian marine industry include dry dock systems for small boats and jet skis, pontoons, pipe floats, and solar pool water heaters.

Contact FSP Oz Products for more details on heavy-duty plastic products.

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