A New Range of Advanced Fire Extinguisher Cabinets for Better Safety

FSP Oz Products offers a new range of carefully engineered fire extinguisher cabinets for improved safety in buildings. As a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of heavy-duty industrial-grade plastic products, we deliver premium and reliable products across a range of industries.

Our fire cabinets are robust and have a practical design which limits the amount of wear and tear on the extinguishers. As it’s mandatory to have fire extinguishers in all residential, commercial, industrial, and public buildings, our fire cabinets ensure that the extinguishers in the building are clearly visible and easily accessible during emergencies.

Heavy Duty and Reliable Fire Cabinets for Sale:

We use advanced manufacturing techniques to provide comprehensive fire safety solutions for various industries. Our fire extinguisher locking cabinet prevents theft and tampering as it requires a key to open the cabinet. In an emergency, the glass on the front of the cabinet can be broken to access the equipment.

Another advantage of keeping the fire extinguisher in a fire cabinet is to avoid the risk of the extinguisher falling. Wall-mounted fire extinguishers may be knocked and fall off the hanger. This can cause personal injuries, damage the floor and property, and can damage the extinguisher itself.

We offer blow-moulded and rotationally-moulded fire cabinets for sale across Australia and overseas.

Features of our Fire Extinguisher Cabinets:

  • UV stable.
  • It will not rust.
  • A sight glass for gauge inspection.
  • Break glass for lockable cabinets.
  • Optional locking/non-locking t-handles.
  • Drain hole in the base.
  • Fitted with a step to assist with the removal of the extinguisher.

We Supply Fire Cabinets for the following Industries:

Contact us today for more details on our fire extinguisher covers and cabinets and other fire safety products.

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