Replace Scratched and Mouldy Sport Lockers with Durable Alternatives

Sports lockers are still a common sight in several schools, gyms and health clubs. For years, wood and meta materials have been used to build storage units.If you are looking to upgrade your locker rooms, switching to new-age HDPE (High-density polyethylene) lockers is a smart move. However, when it comes to durability these lockers don’t top on the list- let us explain why..

Thinking of Buying Sports Lockers? Read this First

FSP Oz Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty, durable and premium-quality HDPE plastic sport lockers. A perfect option for gyms, schools, football clubs and swimming clubs, these lockers are made out of solid HDPE plastic. This gives these lockers unsurpassed resistance against knock, socrates, rotting and mould/mildew. Our array of sports lockers offer easy and low cost solutions for exercise rooms, gyms and fitness centers.

As compared to traditional storage units, HDPE plastic lockers don’t easily chip or require re-painting. This means you can cut down the extra cost on maintenance, making it a one-time investment.

Ultra Durable to Avoid Scratches, Mould and Dents.

Where there’s humidity, there’s mildew and mould. Sweaty and soiled post-game environments contain high levels of moisture and odour too.

Such levels of moisture give way to unpleasant mouldy lockers. Our series of football lockers for sale offers a cost-efficient storage space solution. These well-ventilated lockers are designed to eliminate the musty odour caused due to sweaty clothes and athletic equipment.

You will never have to worry about these lockers getting rust or water damage. They are easy to clean and can be steam cleaner or power washed thus ensuring a clean and sanitary environment.

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