Over the last few decades, health and safety measures in the mining industry in Australia have improved significantly. Although the rates of fatalities and serious injuries have reduced, the cases of fatalities and severe injuries in the mining industry every year are still more than in other industries.

The Basic Risks Associated with Working in the Mining Industry:

  • Mental and physical stress, manual handling and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Being hit by moving objects, machinery or mining equipment
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Working with a high-risk plant

The Australian Federal Government does not regulate WHS in the mining industry, it is regulated by the State and Territorial Governments.

How does Your Company Invest in Mine Site Safety?

Innovations in the mining industry have improved the safety measures on mining sites. However, improvements can still be made to ensure a safe culture on mining sites across Australia.

A mining company investing in mining safety products and aiming to improve site safety culture should consider the following factors:

  • The number of incidents occurring at your site
  • Worker’s attitudes toward safety
  • Company’s policies for equipment and machinery maintenance
  • The number of complaints made about the safety procedure of your company

Additionally, there should be a sufficient budget for safety equipment for mining sites. A wide range of safety products is available for the mining industry, including cable protection, brackets, drill chocks, speed humps and more.

Why is it important to pay attention to details like Ripper Chocks and Grader/Dozer Resting Pads?

Lightweight and durable grader or dozer resting pads are vital for the safe functioning of a mining site. Dozer resting pads, designed with a high traction base, are available in different sizes. They help protect the concrete surfaces on floors in workshops, entryways and exit areas when equipment is parked for maintenance. These grader/dozer resting pads are made from durable, slip-resistant materials.

Drill chocks are used to elevate heavy equipment for loading onto floats and are stacked for larger lift heights to minimise accidental damage to machinery. Ripper chocks are used for aiding in the replacement of dozer ripper boots.

These safety products play a vital role in reducing accidents at mining sites. When investing in new safety products, purchasing those made from the finest quality materials and that have passed required lab tests is highly recommended.

Grader and dozer resting pads, ripper chocks, ripper pads, speed humps, cable protection, and other mining safety products are vital for enhancing safety at mining sites and maintaining optimum functionality of the operations.

Health & Safety at Mining Sites:

Working on a mining site contains inherent risk. Below are a few primary risks associated with working on a mining site and how to neutralise them.

Mental Health and Stress:

Working on mining sites is mentally and physically draining, especially when workers need to work long shifts. To prevent accidents, workers should focus on staying hydrated, nourished, and well-rested. When workers are stress-free, they are less likely to make errors.

Coal Dust Inhalation:

Coal dust inhalation is a common hazard for miners, increasing the risk of developing different lung diseases. Workers should get the proper training to prevent over-exposure to coal dust and use respiratory protection when required.


With heavy machinery such as loud drilling being used throughout the day, the constant exposure to noise creates a high risk for miners. Loud noises can damage their ears and may lead to permanent hearing loss. Mining companies should evaluate the risk and provide the required sound protection gear.

UV Exposure:

The harsh Australian sun can cause adverse effects on the health of workers on mining sites. Direct exposure to harsh UV rays for a prolonged period of time increases the risk of developing skin cancer and eye damage. Companies must provide personal protective kits to protect miners from harsh UV rays. To provide better protection against UV exposure, a mining site should have natural or artificial shades.


Working on a mining site is riskier compared to other industries. If required precautions are not taken, this can lead to severe injuries and may even prove fatal. Companies should improve safety measures on mining sites and invest in quality mining products.

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