Use of Heavy-duty Plastic Safety Equipment in Australia

With technological advancements, we rely on safe products to accomplish our everyday tasks.

But why do we use plastic in industries and personal safety products?

  • Plastic is lighter than metal and resists corrosion.
  • Plastic conducts less heat than metal and decreases noise levels due to its insulating properties.
  • Since plastic is a poor conductor of electricity, it prevents electric current from leaking, reducing the risk of a person from electrocution.

Plastics contribute to safety, fuel efficiency and performance, and all Australian plastic safety products manufacturers must adhere to specific regulations set forth by authorities.

Quality Plastic Safety Equipment Supplier in Melbourne

If you are searching for superior quality plastic safety products anywhere across Australia, browse for safety equipment suppliers near me, and you will easily find FSP Oz Products. Established in 1994, FSP Oz Products has developed a global reputation as a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of high-quality, recyclable, heavy-duty plastic products.

We design and manufacture heavy-duty products made from premium polyethylene, following all the safety standards that fall under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). We meet and exceed safety equipment standards for performance, composition, contents, methods of manufacture or processing, design, construction, finish and packaging rules.

All our heavy-duty safety products are resistant to abrasion, UV stable, meet the highest durability and quality standards, making them ideal for industrial use. Additionally, we maintain the strictest Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) guidelines.

Exclusive Range of Plastic Safety Products

Whether it is a plastic wheel chock to stop a parked vehicle from rolling, an oil trolley for low ground clearance or a storage cabinet for commercial purposes, FSP Oz Products offers comprehensive solutions for safety across various industries. Our range includes spill pallets, work platforms and water troughs for agricultural or commercial purposes. We utilise advanced fabricating strategies to deliver powerful and durable plastic items.

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