Carefully Manufactured Heavy-Duty Camper Wheel Chocks:

FSP Oz Products offers carefully engineered heavy-duty plastic wheel chocks for campers. OZ CHOKS® for campers are designed to offer stability to parked camper trailers and minimise movement. When correctly used, the camper trailer wheel chocks prevent accidents and damage to property.

Parking brakes are not the best option when the camper trailer is parked; you need additional safety, especially when the surface is steep or uneven. To ensure safety, you should use chocks with brakes when the camper is parked. Using the right size chocks also minimises movement while walking inside the cabin.

UV-Stabilised and Ultra-Durable Chocks for Campers:

The large wheel chocks for campers are manufactured using rotationally moulded technology and will maintain optimum functionality for years. They are lightweight, UV-stabilised, and easy to use and store. We offer wheel chocks in a standard yellow colour and can supply them in other colours on demand.

The heavy-duty OZ CHOKS® have excellent load-bearing capacity and can absorb high impacts. The chocks are ideal to use in extreme weather conditions for keeping vehicles stationary when parked. Our plastic wheel chocks are not damaged by exposure to heat, cold, or humidity.

FSP Oz Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty plastic products. Our products are designed to improve operational efficiency and safety across industries.

To become a reseller or distributor of our camper OZ CHOKS®, please call on 1300 847 901 or email us at

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