Long Lasting High School Lockers

Having sturdy and long-lasting secure high school lockers has become essential – Oz loka’s extra security feature and 15- year warranty is an ideal solution.Having the right lockers in the high school environment plays a crucial role in keeping the premises organised. Besides, these lockers offer students a safe place to store their valuables while they engage in extracurricular activities.

How Every Student can Secure Their Belongings

If you are planning to upgrade your high school’s locker room to install well-built and well designed storage lockers, talk with the experts at FSP Oz Products – Oz Loka. With our years of experience, we have designed and manufactured a large range of plastic high school lockers. Our experts have a thorough understanding of the unique storage requirements of educational institutions. Our sturdy, secure and heavy-duty high school lockers offer your staff and students a quality storage solution to keep their belongings in a secure place.

Our range of lockers are custom-made and come with a secure locker loop which offers better endurance and security against break-in attempts. Moreover, our lockers have a rotationally moulded structure that have no welds or seams. This discourages any break-in incidents, thus offering complete peace of mind. Our storage units are made from high-density polyethylene plastic which makes them immune to corrosion and other harsh external elements.

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As designers, manufacturers, and distributors of a variety of high-quality polyethylene and polyurethane products we can supply a wide range of products that will help your institution.


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    Personalise and customise your locker with a variety of accessories:
    • Padlocks
    • Combination Locks
    • Coin Locks
    • Name Plates
    • Sloping Tops
    • Kicker Base
    • Shelves
    • Clothes Rail
    • Clothes Hook
    • USB Charging*
    *Feature limited to the F SERIES lockers
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