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There are different kinds of fences for various functions and locations, each having its own purpose. Choosing the perfect fence material is important, its integrity should be optimal for overall efficacy and high quality. 

Most fences use star pickets today. Whether this is the first you have heard of star pickets or you are already aware of them, here are some important things you need to know about star pickets. 

What is a Star Picket? What Are They Made Of? 

A star picket is a pointed fence post used to create a barrier, walkway or thoroughfare. It is the vertical element that provides the foundation for temporary fencing and can be used with different types of barrier materials like tape, bunting flags, barrier mesh, rope or chain. 

Made of high-quality steel or other metal, wood or plastic, these star pickets are covered with a high-quality zinc coating, PVC/PE coating, black bitumen, or baked enamel. This coating provides resistance to damage and corrosion caused by oxygen, water or moisture. But plastic star pickets are more durable than traditional timber or concrete fence posts.


Types & Shapes of Star Pickets 

Star pickets have three strips of metal in cross-section shapes, commonly referred to as T or Y posts. They are widely used to warn of hazards or to cordon off specific areas. 

Apart from the most common style Y post used in Australia, some of the other types include:

  • USA-style T Post
  • European-style T Post
  • Y posts with teeth
  • U Post
  • Square or Round Post
  • Peach Post

Available in various shapes with different kinds of post caps and clips to choose from, you can select the shape that best matches the needs of your fence.


Picket Fence

Where Are Star Pickets Used? Why Are They Used for Fencing?

Star picket fence posts have studs or nubs which prevent the attached barbed wire or wire mesh from sliding either up or down the post, providing stability. Star pickets are used for a range of purposes, including surveying, securing garden structures and trees, and marking potential excavation or landscaping works.

Star pickets are also used in various agriculture applications to prevent intruders from destroying crops. They also help to prevent animals from escaping, which is why PVC star picket fencing is the perfect choice for farmers. With the vast farmlands in Australia and New Zealand, plastic star pickets are the preferred choice. 

Let’s consider why farmers so often chose to use star pickets. 

  1. Unlike timber posts that are prone to splinter, rot, or be eaten by termites, star pickets are resistant to all of these. You can rely on them for their high quality and long-lasting efficiency. 
  2. Star pickets are covered with a high-quality zinc coating, PVC/PE coating, black bitumen, or baked enamel, providing resistance to oxygen, water or moisture.
  3. Star pickets are also protected against the damaging effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  4. The coating material on the star picket is long-lasting, making them an affordable and cost-effective choice. 
  5. They can be installed quickly onto the ground by welding or connecting bolts.

Given such advantages, star pickets are a key component for rural fencing. Rural fencing may serve multiple uses, from fencing paddocks for animal control or creating a perimeter for the land, to creating a boundary for the veggie patch. 

Installing a rural fence may not be as challenging as you imagine if you plan well. Here are some key steps for installing fencing: 

A Complete Guide to Building a Rural Fence Using Star Pickets

Begin with designing the layout of your fence on paper and then decide on the material needed to construct the fence. The key component will be plastic star pickets, available in a wide range of sizes and built to withstand harsh conditions.

The following steps outline basic instructions on how to build a star picket fence:

Clear the Area:

After you have planned the area of your fence placement, you need to clear the long grass, sticks and branches from the area. Be sure to take into account the location of nearby waterways, the contours of the land and the soil type.

Install Strainer Post and Strays:

These posts are the backbone of your fence and will take the load of the tensioned wire. If they fail, your whole fence will follow. Ensure that you are setting them deep enough so your posts won’t pull out under pressure. The deeper they are set in, the greater their load capacity.

Once the strainer posts are in the ground, you can then install the stays. These stays should generally be at least 2.5 times the height of the installed fence.

Organise Your Star Pickets:

Strain a wire close to the ground between your strainer posts. Lay out your star pickets at even spaces, and make sure the wire is straight. A good rule of thumb for spacing your pickets is about one every four metres. Anything more than five metres will make for a weak fence that is difficult to tension.

Drive Your Star Pickets: 

Now that your star pickets are laid out in the right place, drive them into the ground. The star pickets should be 600mm deep into the ground. If you place the star picket in the wrong spot, a star picket remover will make the removal process a lot easier than manually trying to pull it out.

Strain the Wire:

Attach one end of your wire to your strainer post, and run it through your star pickets to the strainer’s other end. Using a wire strainer will make this an easier process and will assist with making sure your wires are appropriately tensioned. You can tie it off using a gripple or twisting tool, or use a figure of eight knot or a slip knot.

Attach Wire to Posts:

Finally, attach wires to the star pickets and strainer posts, keeping the wire secure. Run one wire under the line wire and the other over the line for proper positioning or use a fence post clip. Your star picket post is now complete. 


Picket Fence


Along with the standard stock fence posts like net or multi-strand posts, electric fence posts for electric and high-tensile fences are increasingly popular in Australia due to their flexibility, affordability and stability in soft soils. However, this electric fence may not cause physical injury to the animal, but rather that it acts as a learning tool to prevent animals from an easy escape.  

If you are looking for such high-quality plastic star pickets in Brisbane that are insulated for electric fence posts, get in touch with FSP Oz Products. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of agriculture products, we provide comprehensive solutions to your daily agriculture requirements. 

Made with high-quality superior materials, our PVC star posts feature a unique and highly functional design and are water-resistant and anti-corrosive. Compared to other fence posts, our star pickets are more reliable. Our star pickets are available in a standard length of 1.6m and are designed to last for years in Australian weather conditions.

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