Mobile phones are indispensable in today’s lives and schools are not immune to this technological shift. 

This has sparked a series of debates amongst the teaching fraternity across the world. Several countries including France and Denmark are seriously contemplating a ban on mobile phones within school boundaries. The discussion was reignited recently when Victorian education minister James Merlino announced a ban on mobile phones in state primary and secondary schools.

A couple of years ago, except for teachers and staff members, mobile phones in schools were pretty much unheard of.   In recent years however, mobile phones have become a common sight in schools. Students as young as 10 years old have their own mobile phones. Though, smartphones/tablets have brought a wealth of information on our fingertips, they have raised several concerns.

Teachers and parents are seen frequently raising worries about the use of mobile phones during school hours as a major cause of distraction in classrooms.  Besides,  mounting incidences of cyberbullying has been another real issue. A research by non-profit organization Headscape found that around 53% of teenagers have experienced some form of cyberbullying.

Phone Locker - F SERIES - mobile locker

If you’re considering implementing a ban on mobile phones in the classroom, it’s ever more  important to have a long-lasting and vandal-proof storage space.

Some schools are considering trying phone pouches.  These pouches use a pin to securely hold the phone in place and can be opened using a magnet. 

Though this option is getting popular, it is not completely secured.  Watch this video to see how these pouches aren’t completely secure . A mobile ban has, therefore, made it essential to have a heavy-duty locker solution to ensure the safety of these expensive phones.

Lockup  solution –  Introducing the Phone Cubby

Oz loka’s originally designed phone cubby was made to fit the needs of many schools wishing to lock multiple phones in our lockers. Each phone cubby holds 6 phones, so that it’s easy to carry and store. Find out more about the phone cubby and the discounts we offer when purchased with our lockers

Worried About the Safety of Mobile Phones/tablets? – Read This First…

  • Heavy duty construction of a high density polyethylene plastic locker offers excellent levels of safety and security.   Also, the mobile lockers are built from rotationally moulded material, the chances of forced break-ins through doors reduces significantly.  This means phones are in a secured space and reassures the students against worries like theft. 
  • The sharp edges of a locker poses risk of physical injuries. Students often get cuts and scratches while operating their lockers. Opposed to this, plastic mobile lockers have no sharp edges and hence can be operated without getting hurt. 
  • Unlike other materials, plastic mobile lockers have a robust and durable construction.  This reduces the cost of maintenance drastically and offers sustainable solutions. 

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