Highly Durable and Heavy-Duty Wheel Chocks for Trailers:

Wheel chocks provide extra stability to vehicles when parked. They are one of the most effective tools to prevent unwanted or accidental movement of a vehicle when stationary, especially in industrial operations. To ensure trailers are securely parked, FSP Oz Products provides heavy-duty plastic wheel chocks. The OZ CHOKS® from FSP Oz Products are specifically designed to provide stability to parked trailers and prevent dangerous situations from occurring in an industrial work environment.

Carefully Designed Industrial-Grade Chocks for Trailers:

FSP Oz Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty plastic products. We use advanced manufacturing technology to deliver innovative solutions across industries. Our chocks for trailers are made using rotationally moulded technology. The wheel chocks are ultra-durable and suitable for harsh industrial work environments. They are resistant to corrosive elements, water, chemicals, and oils.

The heavy-duty wheel chocks are available in a range of sizes in a standard yellow colour, but we can also supply wheel chocks in other colours as required. The wheel chocks are lightweight, UV-stabilised and maintain seamless functionality for many years.

These slip-resistant plastic wheel chocks are an excellent addition to any mining or construction site where trailers are parked for long hours. Wheel chocks minimise the risk at the worksite and promote a safe work environment.

To get more details on our affordable trailers OZ CHOKS®, please call 1300 847 901 or email sales@fspaustralia.com.au.

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