Sturdy Wheel Chocks To Prevent Semi-Trailers From Moving

Vehicle-related fatal accidents pose a serious risk for personnel within various industries. This highlights the need for proper safety measures and equipment such as wheel chocks.

Trailers usually have parking brakes on the rear wheels and if the rear axle is jacked off the ground with only the parking brake set, the vehicle may roll on the front wheels and fall. This is where semi-trailer wheel chocks are used for extra safety in addition to setting the brakes. If you are looking for high-quality plastic wheel chocks for your semi-trailers, contact FSP Oz Products.

Durable Plastic OZ CHOKS® in Australia

If used correctly, wheel chocks effectively prevent semi-trailers from rolling away when parked on an incline or slippery ground. Made from 100% polyethylene and high-density urethane foam, our heavy-duty plastic OZ CHOKS® are 3rd party tested for compliance. Moreover, traction pads are fitted to them for safer usage. Apart from these advantages, OZ CHOKS® are made with:

  • UV Stabilisation – allowing you to leave them in the sun, so they won’t crack or split.
  • Rubber Feet – providing extra grid on a slope.
  • Heavy-duty construction – giving toughness over other materials

Additionally, our wheel chocks are resistant to oil, water, humidity, and UV rays. They are rotationally moulded, and constructed using one piece, making them lightweight and ultra-durable.

Why Opt for OZ CHOKS®?

With more than 20 years of experience within the plastic industry, FSP Oz Products is a renowned manufacturer of plastic safety equipment for industries such as airports, oil and gas, agriculture, mining, construction sites, defence, and many more.

The OZ CHOKS® wheel chock brackets feature a security retaining strap to hold the chock in place properly to help avoid accidents and injuries.

If you need solid wheel chocks for your semi-trailer to prevent it from rolling or moving unintentionally, call us at 1300 847 901 or contact us at for further inquiries.

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