Heavy-duty and robustly constructed fences play a vital role in securing your property.

Durable, Versatile and Customised Fences – A Smart Investment for Your Property 

FSP Oz Products’s state of the art fences are ideal for efficient home and agricultural safety. Our fences are made from the same high-end plastic manufacturing techniques and materials as our lockers, ensuring incredible safety, durability and reliability over many years. 

As fences are a significant investment, it’s crucial to choose the right one to suit your specific needs. To begin understanding what type of fence could be most suitable for your needs, let’s cover some basics:

What Type Of Land Needs To Be Fenced?

The type of land you will be fencing is a key consideration before starting the selection process. If the land is uneven, additional professional help may be needed to level it out before installation commences. It is also important to understand the state’s rules and regulations regarding fencing around your property before any work is carried out. 

What Is The Primary Purpose Of The Fence?

Before you begin installing a fence on your property, it is important to consider its primary purpose. If you require a fence to ensure privacy and security, you need a model that is not only sturdy and robust but can also act as a screen to restrict any intrusion or invasion of privacy. Another important use of fencing is to demarcate the boundary of your property and keep it protected from trespassers. 

A simple picket fence is an ideal choice for homes that need to mark the property’s boundaries. 

Fencing Types:

  • Reggie Posts

These posts are available in three heights. However, depending on specific requirements, there are also other sizes available. Our deceptively simple-looking Reggie Posts are high-impact resistant posts with a wooden core for added tensile strength. These posts can be custom made with your choice of slot spacing for wires to be connected. The wires through the slots of the Reggie Posts can be used for growing grapes in vineyards and also as a protective fence around your property. 

  • Picket Fences 

An ideal solution for small farms or homes, our range of picket fences are available in a wide variety of sizes. Manufactured from HDPE plastic, these UV stabilised fences are low-maintenance and require no painting. This makes them excellent value for money. They can be easily connected to post and rail fences and offer a versatile solution. 

  • Post and Rail

Post and rail fences are ideal for a range of farming situations, especially holding livestock. These fences are lightweight but durable, and a great alternative to metal as they are rust and UV resistant. Post and rail fences are modular and can be customised to meet specific requirements, ensuring animals are kept safe and crops are protected. Post and rail fencing is also an excellent choice for safety fencing at mines and industrial sites.

Knowledge of the types of fences available will help you avoid unnecessary stress and ensure you make cost-effective decisions.

If you have a farm and are looking for low-maintenance, durable, weather-resistant fencing options with no painting required, contact the experts at FSP Oz Products .  Call 1300 847 901

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