fire hose reels

Fire hoses are useful for putting out small fires caused by paper, textiles, wood, plastic, rubber, and cloth. The hoses are to be used only as an initial response to a flame. If used appropriately, fire hoses can help put out small fires quickly, minimising damage.

One must proceed cautiously when using fire hose reels to put out fires in Australia. Here are a few things to remember before using a fire hose reel.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using a Fire Hose Reel

  • Alert everyone in your vicinity
  • Activate the emergency alarm systems
  • Contact the Fire Brigade immediately
  • Identify the fuel of the flame
  • Don’t use fire hose reels for fires occurring in Electrical Appliances: Water is a good conductor of electricity, and spraying water on equipment connected to the power supply could end up in disaster.
  • Don’t use fire hose reels for fire caused by flammable liquids: Inflammable liquids may float on water, further spreading fire and endangering lives.
  • Ensure you have a clear path to the nearest exit

Instructions for Using a Fire Hose Reel

  1. Break the anti-tamper seal to access the fire hose reel (if fitted.)
  2. Turn on the water supply at the stop valve.
  3. Reel out the hose to the appropriate distance from the fire.
  4. Turn the nozzle into the open position to allow the water to flow.
  5. Aim the hose at the base of the fire from a safe distance.
  6. Perform a sweeping action to extinguish the fire thoroughly.
  7. Don’t spray excess water once the fire is extinguished, as it might cause secondary damage.
  8. Turn off the nozzle to cut off the water flow.
  9. Rewind the hose in even layers
  10. Turn off the water supply at the stop valve.
  11. Open the nozzle to release the excess pressure in a bucket,
  12. Close the nozzle and place the header back in its original position.

Poor-quality fire hose reels can result in premature ruptures, abrasion, and other defects. These kinds of hoses can fail in crucial moments, endangering the lives of your occupants or employees. Keep your properties safe with heavy-duty and UV-stable fire hose reels. FSP Oz Products is one of Australia’s leading fire hose reel manufacturers and suppliers. Contact our experts if you require further assistance or guidance on safeguarding your properties.

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