Complete Fire Safety Checklist for Industrial Workplaces

All industrial premises must maintain the required fire safety standards, which minimises the risk of fire breaking out and allows them to meet fire emergencies more effectively. From investing in quality fire safety products to staff training and building maintenance, we have created a checklist for industrial workplaces to maintain fire safety.

Fire Detection and Smoke Alarms:

  • Are the fire detection system and alarms at your premises installed by a qualified licensed technician?
  • Do the premises have an adequate number of fire alarms?
  • Are the fire alarms tested regularly?
  • Do the smoke and fire detection systems receive regular maintenance?

Fire Safety Equipment:

  • Does the industrial workplace have an appropriate number of fire extinguishers?
  • Are the portable fire extinguishers fully charged and easily accessible?
  • Are the building’s sprinkler systems regularly tested and maintained?
  • Are the fire pump and hose reel systems regularly maintained?
  • Are emergency lights working in case of a power failure?
  • Are fire exits marked, always clear and free from obstruction?
  • Are fire escape passages and stairs clear?

Fire Drills:

  • Are periodic fire drills conducted and attended by the staff?
  • Are there fire safety wardens in the organisation to conduct the drills?
  • Are all the staff members aware of your premises’ evacuation route and fire assembly points?
  • Does your industrial unit have a system that allows you to check the number of people left in the building quickly and how many are trapped and require rescue in case of fire emergencies?


  • Is the electrical equipment at your industrial workplace regularly maintained and inspected for signs of fault, damage or wear and tear?
  • Are damaged electrical wires and broken outlets replaced right away?
  • Are the number of socket outlets installed sufficient to prevent overloading of the circuits?


  • Does your workplace have flammable chemicals and other liquids? If yes, are they stored and locked appropriately without risk of leaks and spillages?
  • Are fire extinguishers stored in durable and easily accessible cabinets?
  • Are the outdoors of your premises, such as yards and docks, clear of waste and other discarded materials?

Additional Workplace Management:

  • Does the organisation have implemented strict smoke-free areas policies, and are there designated smoking areas?
  • Are there any security measures to prevent arson fires?
  • If there are specific fire safety procedures required by your industry, are these being followed?

These are the primary fire safety checklist for industrial workplaces. Some of the factors mentioned above are easy to check, for others you might need help from a qualified risk assessor. Additionally, you can invest in superior-quality fire safety products, such as fire hose reels, fire hose reel covers, fire extinguisher cabinets and brackets, and more. At FSP Oz Products, we provide industrial-grade superior-quality fire safety products to enhance safety at industrial workplaces.

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