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You need a versatile and fully functional range of workplace lockers to create a perfect workplace. After a personal desk, employees prefer having their own personal storage locker to make their workplace more convenient. If you plan to add a locker room to your workplace or want to upgrade your current one, make sure to choose HDPE plastic lockers over wood or metal lockers for durability, longevity, and better operational functionality. Here are three ways your workplace can be improved with plastic lockers.

(1) Customised Lockers for Different Utility Across the Workplace:

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Plastic lockers are more aesthetically pleasing and functional than metal lockers, as they are easier to customise. HDPE lockers are becoming increasingly popular across industries due to their exceptional customisation capabilities. From schools, colleges, and universities to hospitals, airports, and manufacturing units, customised plastic lockers are designed to cater to the unique storage requirements across a wide range of industries.

Whether you are looking for school lockers for storing sports equipment, musical instruments, books and other items, or you need storage lockers for your office with advanced locking systems and USB charging ports, the customisation potential of HDPE plastic lockers is much wider and easier compared to metal or timber lockers.

You can choose a custom size, the number of doors you want, the number of shelves, cloth rails and hooks, whether you need names, numbers or logos printed on them, and various colour options- Custom workplace lockers provide you with comprehensive storage solutions.

(2) Eliminate Administration and Maintenance Costs With Plastic Lockers:

High-density industrial-grade plastic lockers have superior strength and a long life span. The low-maintenance plastic lockers can withstand heavy impacts and are resistant to rust, corrosion, scratches, and other environmental factors. They are ideal for humid areas and outdoor settings where they maintain optimum functionality for years.

Plastic workplace Locker Australia

Plastic lockers are easier to maintain and clean than lockers made of other materials, reducing administration and maintenance costs of your organisation. There are other factors that also contribute to reducing overall administrative costs.

  • Personal storage lockers prevent theft or misplacing of the employee’s personal belongings.
  • Employees can store their safety gear, sports equipment, and other items in the lockers, reducing the burden on the facility to provide a separate storage solution.
  • Plastic lockers are easy to install, making setting up the locker room less time-consuming.
  • These highly durable lockers rarely need repair work, and when they do, it’s easy, fast, and affordable.

You can reduce the administrative and maintenance cost of your organisation by installing industrial-grade, heavy-duty plastic lockers.

(3) Phone Safety and Phone Charging For Staff:

Instead of investing in a phone charging station, you should install phone lockers with USB charging ports. Plastic lockers with USB charging ports allow employees in the organisations and students in schools to charge their phones securely, eliminating the need to carry power banks. A few advantages of phone charging lockers are:


No one likes to leave their phone at the changing station completely unattended or stand there for twenty to thirty minutes while the phone is charging. The best option is to provide storage lockers with charging ports. Employees can focus better on work when they know that their phone is safe while they are working. The arrangement provides excellent convenience for retail stores, offices, and industrial workplaces.

It Boosts Productivity:

Employees can focus more on their work, knowing that their smartphones are locked away safely while working. Having mobile phones by your side while working can often cause distractions, and keeping their phones in the locker allows them to focus more on the tasks at hand.

BONUS: 10 Workplace uses for lockers and how they can maximise employee satisfaction:

A workplace needs lockers to create a comfortable and efficient working environment. Every organisation has different storage needs, ranging from confidential documents to additional office stationery. Here are the top 10 workplace uses for lockers and how they can maximise employee satisfaction.

  • Customised plastic lockers give employees peace of mind as they know their personal belongings are safe.
  • Lockers help create a clutter-free work environment as all the unnecessary or unwanted items are stored away.
  • Custom lockers offer a perfect solution to your organisation’s specific storage needs, from size and colours that match your interior’s colours to locking systems and other additional features.
  • Lockers help you maintain a well-organised workplace at all times.
  • Employees can store their personal belongings, such as gym wear, shoes, etc.
  • As lockers efficiently meet your storage needs, you can have more space to utilise for other things in the workplace.
  • Personalised lockers provide a sense of belonging to the employees and can boost employee morale.
  • Employees feel more connected with one another as they share a commonplace on the premises to store their belongings.
  • Aesthetically pleasing locker rooms affect the mood of employees and boost positivity.
  • The locker room can also be a place for mini-breaks for employees during their workday.


These are the top compelling reasons workplaces should have carefully designed locker rooms. Lockers do not only keep the office well-organised and streamline operations but promote employee wellbeing and workplace satisfaction.

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