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Non-Tearable Safety Flags Ensure Visibility Of Your Vehicles

Vehicles, especially trucks are prone to accidents when they move around in low-visibility areas like mining sites. This is where safety flags can prove extremely useful. They are an affordable, simple-to-use, and effective solution that may save hundreds of lives and tens and thousands of dollars.

FSP Oz Products has over two decades of experience manufacturing high-grade plastic products to aid the mining industry. Our heavy-duty and UV-stabilised safety flags  are suited for civil and mining sites, where they are used to improve the visibility of all vehicles, including trucks.

What’s the Purpose of the Vehicle Safety Flags?

Open pits, underground mining sites, and other off-roading areas often host light vehicles that are fitted with safety flag poles, also known as buggy whips or vehicle warning whips. The flag pole bobs around with a reflective safety flag, pennant, or LED light, and its primary objective is to warn others that there’s a vehicle in the vicinity.

The poles are built to withstand harsh conditions and are typically wrapped in PVC for extra protection against damage. The only limitation is that going faster than 40km/hr risks snapping the pole off, which is why these vehicles are to operate under the speed limits of the site.

What’s the Right Length for a Safety Flag?

Australian mine site standards stipulate that the safety flag must measure 4.2 metres from the ground to the top of the flagpole. You will need to work out where the flag should be mounted and the length of the flag pole to comply with the standard.

In addition to the standard, all sites can have their own extra specifications. So whenever in doubt, check with the mine safety officer. The standard is relaxed for underground mines due to the confined spaces. Here, the flag poles are relatively short, no more than 60 or 90 cm in length.

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We have a wide range of options available if you need industrial-grade plastic products for your business. Made from heavy-duty, non-tearable material, FSP safety flag kits ensure you maximise the visibility of your vehicles at the site.

For more information on FSP Oz Products’s safety flags, contact us at 1300 847 901

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