Lightweight and Durable Construction Safety Barriers:

To ensure the safety of workers in the growing construction industry, FSP Oz Products offers carefully engineered safety barriers. These lightweight safety barriers for the construction industry create safe working conditions and make on-site operations more efficient. Safety barriers are essential to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. We also provide dirtbag barriers to reduce the impact of a heavy hit and minimise the damage to vehicles and the surrounding area.

Safety Barriers for Construction Sites for Safe Operations:

Our plastic construction barriers are easy to use and can be handled by a single person. The barriers are stackable and have swivel feet, allowing convenient storage and transportation. The barriers can be joined using a locking loop at each end and used at multiple locations to prevent access and ensure the safety of those on site.

We manufacture safety barriers for construction sites using high-density polyethylene and advanced technology. The standard size of the construction safety barriers is 2000mm W x 1200mm x 90mm D. The barriers are a long-term investment as they have excellent durability and longevity and maintain optimum functionality for many years.

Create Safe Work Environment with FSP Safety Barriers:

Investing in FSP safety products, such as safety barriers, bollards, safety cones, safety flags, and more, reduces the risk of injuries and improves operational efficiency on the construction site.

To become a reseller or distributor of our construction safety barriers, please call on 1300 847 901 or email us at

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