Heavy-Duty Bollards and Cones for Efficient Traffic Management and Safety

As a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty plastic products, FSP Oz Products offers a comprehensive solution for traffic management and safety across industries with our carefully designed bollards and cones. We use advanced manufacturing techniques to produce highly durable and long-lasting plastic products. The industrial-grade safety cones and bollards ensure safety and convenience for a range of commercial, residential and industrial spaces.

Bollards and cones play a crucial role in traffic management and safety. We offer a range of UV-resistant, heavy-duty, corrosion, rust and abrasion-resistant bollards suited for temporary redirection of traffic, speed management and other applications. Whether you need t-top bollards or portable bollards, we have you covered. Our bollards and cones have UV stabilised colours and have passed through a rigorous testing process, making them ideal for harsh working environments.

Premium Range of Cones and Safety Bollards in Melbourne:

Portable Bollards:

Our portable bollards are easy to use and ideal for applying caution tape, rope, or string to make the marked area more visible. Available in black and yellow colour with a black top cap, the portable bollards have extra weight under the base and do not fall easily.

T-top Bollards:

The t-top bollards are ideal for harsh working environments as they have a heavy base and are less likely to fall. The bollards are ideal for the application of caution tapes for better visibility.

Safety Cones:

FSP Oz Products offers superior quality safety cones that are stable, lightweight and available in various colours and sizes with reflective sleeves for better visibility.

We Supply Cones and Bollards for the Following Industries:

  • Airport Operations
  • Construction
  • Chemical Industries
  • Civil Aviation
  • Cleaning Industries
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Railway
  • Commercial and residential spaces and more

Contact FSP Oz Products for Highly Durable and Affordable Safety Bollards and Cones:

FSP Oz Products is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty plastic products, and we supply our products across Australia to make operations more efficient and safe. For more details on our Bollards and cones, kindly contact us today.

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