Rotationally Moulded Fire Safety Cabinets for Preschools:

Keeping children safe is a top priority for preschools. Young children are especially vulnerable to the risks associated with fire danger. FSP Oz Products offers a new range of fire safety cabinets for preschools to keep preschoolers safe.

The preschool fire safety cabinets from FSP Oz Products are designed to enhance the fire safety of the premises. Our fire safety cabinets are made with high-density polyethylene and are resistant to water, salt, humidity, UV rays, and heavy impacts. The cabinet keeps the fire extinguisher safe from tampering and minimises wear and tear.

The New Range of Preschool Fire Safety Cabinets:

The fire safety cabinets are available in various sizes and capacities to meet the safety needs of Australian preschools. Whether you need a cabinet to hold a 4.5kg fire extinguisher or a 9kg fire extinguisher, we have you covered. The cabinets are available in locking and non-locking options.

The preschool fire safety cabinets are made with rotationally moulded technology and don’t have any weld lines, making them highly durable. We can also provide customised fire safety cabinets for preschools and work on every detail to meet your specific requirements.

Buy Carefully Engineered Plastic Lockers from the Industry Leader:

FSP Oz Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty plastic products. We provide comprehensive safety solutions with our preschool fire safety cabinets in Australia and overseas.

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