Ensure Safety in the Oil industry by Placing Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

It’s no secret that oil drilling is a dangerous job. The oil and gas industry is a complex one, and there is a lot that could go wrong. One of the severe risks is fire explosions. Highly flammable gas and liquids can lead to intense fires that can be difficult to manage, threatening property, causing risks to human lives, and lead to toxic pollution.

Therefore it is essential to keep fire extinguishers in the oil industry for handling emergencies more effectively. They can reduce the risk of injury and building damage that fires can cause.

FSP Oz Products’s wide range of fire extinguisher cabinets for storing fire extinguishers can help keep your industrial area and workers safe.

Why Use FSP’s Fire Extinguishers?

As a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty plastic products, FSP Oz Products’s fire safety products are engineered using the latest technology and are available across many industries at affordable prices. Made with high-density polyethylene, our fire extinguisher cabinets are UV stabilised and won’t rust in harsh Australian weather conditions, ensuring they last for years.

You can keep your fire extinguisher safe and functional for many years with our carefully designed fire safety cabinets. These rotationally moulded fire extinguisher cabinets are waterproof, and corrosion-resistant and come with standard sight glass for gauge inspection and break glass for lockable cabinets.

If you are in Australia call us on 1300 847 901 or drop an email at sales@fspaustralia.com.au.

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