A New Range of Fire Extinguishers for Boats:

When it comes to handling fire emergencies on a boat, fire extinguishers are the most useful devices to douse the fire and prevent it from spreading. To keep fire extinguishers safe and well-maintained, FSP Oz Products offers a new range of fire extinguisher cabinets for boats. The carefully engineered cabinets keep the extinguisher safe from wear and tear and tampering.

Whether you own a sailing boat, fishing boat, house boat, ferry, or yacht, keeping well-maintained and serviceable fire extinguishers onboard is essential. Depending on the size of your boat, it’s mandatory to have at least one fire extinguisher on the boat according to the Australian rules and regulations. Whether it’s an engine, electrical or cooking fire, having fire extinguisher cabinets installed at easily accessible locations can help you efficiently minimise the damage.

Heavy-Duty Boat Fire Extinguisher Cabinets:

These cabinets are made from high-density polyethylene and are resistant to UV rays. Additionally, the plastic cabinets for fire extinguishers are resistant to heavy impacts and corrosive elements. Our cabinets come in various colours, sizes, capacities and with optional locking and non-locking t-handles.

The comprehensive design of the plastic cabinets makes fire extinguishers easily accessible in emergencies. We use advanced manufacturing techniques to create industrial-grade heavy-duty plastic products for marine and several other industries.

For more information on our fire extinguisher cabinets for boats or to become a reseller/distributor, please call us on 1300 847 901 or email us at sales@fspaustralia.com.au.

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