Industrial-Grade Plastic Water Tanks for Trailers:

FSP Oz Products offers a new range of OZ WATER TANKS® for trailers, caravans, utes, and RVs. We manufacture fresh and wastewater storage water tanks. These carefully engineered trailer water tanks provide comprehensive solutions for water storage needs. Our water tanks are ideal for various applications, including mining, farming, camping, caravanning, and trailers.

Custom Water Tanks for Trailers:

OZ WATER TANKS® for trailers are available in a range of colours and sizes. We provide custom water tanks to meet your specific water storage requirements in the most convenient way possible. The custom water tanks allow you to optimise space on trailers or caravans.

The water tanks are made using high-density polyethylene and rotationally moulded technology. Our water tanks are UV and weather-resistant and last for years, and the polyethylene tank excludes light from entering and inhibits algae growth.

OZ WATER TANKS® meet Australian Standard AS/NZS4766 in design and manufacturing and Australian standard AS 2070 food grade/ AS 4020 for drinking water. Our water tanks are FEA-certified.

Become a Reseller or Distributor of Superior Quality Trailer Water Tanks in Australia:

FSP Oz Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty plastic products. We are the most trusted name for supplying high-end plastic products across industries at affordable prices.

To become a reseller or distributor of heavy-duty plastic products, please call on 1300 847 901 or email us at

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