Durable, Reliable, and Affordable Water Tanks for Caravan:

FSP Oz Products offers OZ WATER TANKS® for caravans, designed to make journeys more comfortable. Water tanks are essential for long journeys or camping in remote destinations. Our caravan water tanks have a functional design that gives you the freedom to access water whenever you need it. We also provide water tanks for multiple applications, such as storing drinking and wastewater.

Caravan Water Tanks for Comfortable Journeys:

We offer caravan water tanks in different sizes to meet your water storage needs. Additionally, we provide custom solutions to meet your specific requirements. As a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty plastic products, we deliver comprehensive and affordable solutions with our caravan water tanks.

OZ WATER TANKS® from FSP Oz Products are designed using advanced rotational moulding technology and maintain optimum functionality for a long time. The ultra-durable water tank for caravans is easy to install and resistant to damage from corrosive elements and heavy impacts. The water tanks are leak-proof and have better longevity compared to stainless steel tanks.

Whether you need a caravan water tank with 50ltr, 100ltr, or 150ltr capacity, we can meet your specific requirements with the required customisations.

For more details on OZ WATER TANKS® for caravan, RV, or UTEs, please call us on 1300 847 901 or email us at sales@fspaustralia.com.au.

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