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We specialise in manufacturing lockers for schools, workplaces, the food industries, gyms and other applications. Oz Loka® has been manufacturing quality, heavy-duty lockers in the Australian market for over 20 years. Our lockers are meticulously designed by in-house engineers to assure a high quality, aesthetic and durable product. Rotationally moulded our Oz Loka® made of polyethylene, a process that is known for its durability and strength. Polyethylene is a widely-used material and is recyclable.

Servicing all of Australia and New Zealand with lockers large and small — from plain storage and employee safe lockers to sports and gym lockers —Oz Loka® assure high-quality products, backed by a 15 Year Warranty.

Why OZ LOKA® Lockers are different?

OZ LOKA® has unique advantages over lockers made from traditional materials such as timber or metal. They are designed to last and to keep looking good in all environments. OZ LOKA® reduces maintenance costs.

  • UV stable with a HUGE range of colours to choose from.
  • Lightweight & stackable so they are easy to move and install.
  • Our lockers, made of Heavy Duty polyethylene with a high-grade stainless steel hinge, are perfect for wet areas, coastal locations and the outdoors.
  • Quieter than metal or timber lockers, no banging doors.
  • Graffiti is easier to remove – No painting required.
  • Low maintenance, just hose them out!
  • Proven strength and durability – backed by our 15-year warranty.

Minimal & Smart Design

  • Low maintenance
  • Light weight
  • Heavy duty
  • UV stabilised
  • Water resistant
  • Modular
  • Ultra durable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Quiet doors
  • Mix & Match Colours
  • Mix & Match Door Configuration

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We now have 1300+ new FSP lockers

Brisbane Grammar School purchase the first batch of Oz Loka lockers in 2009, to replace our dated high maintenance and expensive metal locker systems. The school has continued to roll out the annual replacement of year group lockers and currently have 1300+ new FSP lockers. Our Oz Loka® lockers have proven to be durable and robust, and practically maintenance free.

Craig Derrick
Dealing with you was a delight

You may remember earlier this year that you graciously allowed us to return our lockers due to the fact that we only had need to store less than 6 phones and your beautifullockers were somewhatof an overkill for that job. However I would like to say that the lockers were lovely and bright and dealing with you and company was a delight.

Sue Hands
HR/Fianance & Administration
Best Quality Ever

Somerville House appointed Oz Loka as our preferred supplier to provide 850 new student lockers to our Middle and Senior Schools. We had been persisting with old metal style lockers that were simply past their use by date and were constantly being attended to by our Facilities department due to broken hinges, crooked doors and other issues.

Ryan Brown
Facilities Manager

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